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We believe that Ontarians want to understand where their electricity comes from, what it costs, and how it affects the environment. Our free App helps you to interpret the information on your energy bill and shows how Bruce Power provides Ontario with a reliable source of low-cost, clean energy.


Get the Facts

A wealth of information about the world's largest nuclear operating facility.

Real-time Updates

Discover where your power is coming from and who is keeping our air clean.

Stay Connected

Follow our live news and twitter feeds to see Bruce Power’s role in our province.

Keeping the lights on 24/7/365

The App provides real-time information on the amount of electricity being produced by Bruce Power, along with our live news and twitter feeds. We show how electricity is safely generated on our site all day, every day, for the people of Ontario.

Interpreting your energy bill

You can input your monthly electricity use to our Cost and Clean Air Calculator and see first-hand where your electricity comes from, the average percentage costs from each source, and the impact of nuclear power on Ontario’s energy supply.

Protecting the air we breathe

Safeguarding our environment is important to everyone. The Climate Change Calculator shows the amount of CO2 produced by each energy source in Ontario’s electricity supply mix. Bruce Power supports the province’s emission reduction goals to keep our air clean now and for the future.

Conserving energy

The Conservation Calculator allows you to assess how your usage of appliances and other power consumption will affect your energy bill. You can get an accurate reading of your costs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis at varying peak times.

Supporting clean transportation

The iPhone App features interactive maps of charging stations, information on grants and vehicles, and a calculator showing the economic and environmental benefits of electrical vehicles. Bruce Power can provide the reliable carbon-free power required to charge our cars.

Learn more about us

Our videos portray everything from the historic revitalization of the Bruce Power site to how nuclear power is generated. Learn about our contribution to the economy, our role in Ontario’s coal phase-out, and our delivery of low-cost power to families and businesses.

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